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APFPR Health Service Awards – 2023 winners

In 2023, the APFPR launched provider Health Service Awards to recognise the effort and commitment of early adopting hospitals, clinicians and staff who contribute data to the APFPR.

There are two categories of awards:

  • Best contributor Award – recognising the hospital that entered the most patient records 30 June 2022/2023
  • Significant Contributor Award – recognising the hospitals that entered details for at least 50 patients by 30 June 2022/2023

We are delighted to communicate the winners of these awards for 2022/2023:


Monash Health, a public hospital in Victoria


  • Calvary North Adelaide, South Australia
  • Cabrini Health, Victoria
  • The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, South Australia
  • Epworth Freemasons, Victoria


Newly established registries such as the APFPR rely greatly on the engagement of early adopting clinicians to support their initial growth and enable the development of their first meaningful reports. Congratulations to 2023 Award Winners!