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Important information for APFPR Database Users – Database closed 7th February for Upgrade

Clinical Quality Registries regularly review and refine registry operations, including their databases, to ensure they remain relevant and are user-friendly. In 2023, in an effort to reduce the data collection burden, the APFPR initiated a database review. We are grateful to clinicians who provided feedback on potential improvements.  We have since completed the database review, and are delighted to advise that our improved database is due to go live on Thursday 8th February 2024. 

What has changed?

  • Shorter data entry forms
  • Streamlined data flow
  • Only two data entry timepoints – time of surgery and at post-operative follow up
  • More POP procedures listed
  • Ability to enter ‘recurrence’ procedures
  • Inclusion of two additional SUI Native Tissue procedures
    • Burch Colposuspension and Autologous Fascial Sling

REDCap continues to be the APFPR’s data platform.

How will this impact database users?

The current database is closed for maintenance on Wednesday 7th February 2024 8:00 AM until 11:00 PM and will not be accessible during this time. The database will reopen on 8th February 2024 at 08:00 AM, at which point:

  • All existing data will be migrated across and available in Version 2
  • From this date there will be 2 versions of the database – please only access Version 2 to enter patient data
  • Data entered up to 7th February 2024, will be available in a read-only capacity
  • You may log in as usual, but two REDCap projects (Version 1 and 2) will be visible. The optimised database is labelled Version 2
  • If you believe there are discrepancies with the migrated data, please email with the patient ID and the field name (please refrain from sending any patient identifier in the email)

How we will assist you through this change. We will:

  • Send you a User Manual, which a step-by-step description of how to use the database
  • Email you reminders on the dates the database is closed
  • Be on hand to assist with queries via phone (1800 571 093) and email
  • Share a training video with you


We would like to thank our Clinical Advisory Committee and the broader committee of participating clinicians for taking the time to provide valuable feedback.

Core Procedures currently captured by the APFPR:

Stress Urinary Incontinence

  • Mid urethral Sling (synthetic mesh)
  • Bulking agent injections
  • Bulking agent removal
  • SUI mesh revision/explantation
  • Autologous Fascial sling
  • Burch Colposuspension

Pelvic Organ Prolapse 

  • Sacrocolpopexy with mesh
  • Sacrohysteropexy with mesh
  • Sacrospinous colpopexy with mesh
  • Sacrospinous hysteropexy with mesh
  • Transvaginal apical support with mesh
  • Transvaginal Anterior repair with mesh
  • Transvaginal Posterior repair with mesh
  • POP mesh revision/explantation